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“The Class all the 80s Male Powerhouse Wish They Had”

NICOLAÏ : New York

by Nicolai (1989)

Won the 1989 price for best perfume of the year, and put Patricia de Nicolaï on the map. Named for the city because her sister lives there, who she missed, rather than any actual qualities of New York.


This is sour and bitter. Plastic flowers and incense. Powdered; and piss? But in fact it's a lemon-leather-vanilla-amber scent. Sweaty cumin, but also warm, and a bit rainforestry. 10 minutes in: floral, peppery. A spicy rose? It's warm certainly, clove; bay big time. A Dioressence juiciness comes forth, it might be blood orange; dusty lilacs; oakmoss / wood / soft balsamics; possibly some orris. Smells a bit like a grand mother and Christmas decorations.

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