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MALLE : Parfum de Therese

by Roudnitska (2000)

Created by nose Roudnitska in the 50s for his wife while he was working for DIOR, but it was too ahead of its time, so he kept it; and MALLE published it in 2000. Roudnitska understood best the traditional and synthetic fragrances. Possibly his masterpiece, and Frederic Malle wouldn't start his house without it. Elegant lightness of Diorissimo (1956) and richness of Diorama (1948)

Jasmine, mandarine; fruitiness. This is find more difficult to place. I think it's woody and incensed, too; like cloth. It's slightly indolic; slightly juicy. Roudnitska's signature jasmine hedione; and melon calone (way ahead of the 90s!). Violet heart; a bit of pepper. Cucumbery green tea juice, it's juiciy and melon-y; and a bit of toilet wipes. Some fizzy peaches? 

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