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“Suburb Sexiness”

LAUDER : White Linen

by Grojsman (1978)

Released in a trio (New Romantics) with Celadon (green floral) and Pavilion (white floral); made to be layered. Only this one remains, though. At that time, heavy orientals where popular. Established the popularity of laundry musk. It smells efficient, like life in a suburb; well-rested and waxed.

Aldehydic tingling (1%) over abstract white floral heart; aldehydes make it difficult to discern individual flowers. Then clean musk (galaxolide) and cedar wood (Vertofix). Style similar to Hedione use a signature of nose Grojsman. Powdery, incensed. Dried mint . Potpourri of dried flowers; in the sun. Peaches cut yesterday. Abstract white florals.

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