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“Getting Married for the Third Time”

KAI : Kai

by Rappaport (1999)

All the Holliwood stars wore it (Tommy Lee, Anderson, Julia Roberts). Ocean in Hawai; named for the perfumer's wedding bouquet. A very familiar white floral scent.

Aldehydic hair spray opening; stays in this vaguely floral hair spray state for a good while. Ozonic, metallic. Some greenery starts to show. A bit of lemongrass in the top. Very fresh snapped stem floral and airline wipes. do I detect civet in the back? Orris softening. Fruity sandalwood underpinning. Tropical floral; clean and expensive; petrol of gardenia. I find it quite unexciting; it's like a more oomphed MIYAKE: Eau d'Issey (1992). A cloying generic white indolic papery floral. Quite tenacious. 

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