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“The Men's in an Old World Hotel Lobby”


by Aimé Guerlain (1889)

One of the first to use synthetic vanillin and coumarin (Fougère Royale was a bit earlier). Oldest continously-produced perfume, and parent scent of Shalimar. Favourite of Sean Connery and Serge Gainsbourg.

A traditional green fougère reinforced animalic notes (civet) into an arrogantly blunt sexual intent, on top of Guerlinade (bergamot, lavender, vanille, sandalwood). Big lavender opener, which I find has a powderyness that I find difficult to get along with. Then, a powdery vanilla that lasts forever; 4 hours later, a cinnamon-rose surfaces under the vanilla floor; followed by a cinnamon dry down and the urinous civet.

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