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“Venus in Furs”

DIOR : Dioressence

by Rorbert (1979)

Brief was le parfum barbare, mixing animalics with Dior's floral style. Nose Robert Guy got the idea when he had rubbed his hands on a chunk of ambergris, then washed his hands with a soap that was a knock of of Miss Dior (1947).


Smells a lot like Diorella (1972); aldehyde opening but more caramel and vanilla. Heavy from the beginning. Very dense and oily, warm florals; cardamon, lightly; but more warm spices (cinnamon big time after a while, and ginger; Angostura). Poutpourri of flowers. Chamomiles in the forest. Green woody patchouli, wilted foliage, and some sweetness; snapped stems. Frankincense. Slightly sweaty cumin (like falling asleep in the arms of your partner after sweaty sex), slightly animalic leather

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