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“Sweet Quickie in the Hospital Waiting Room”

CLINIQUE : Aromatics Elixir

by Chant (1975)

Patchouli is usually adult, wanton; but here it is clinical. Brilliant, yet mysterious.

Starts green metallic; is this narcissus? (I think so, but it's probably chamomile), some sweetness. Green flower stalks, but without galbanum sharpness. I get the idea of leaves. After 30 minutes powdery, sharp; ambery; some light resins. Aromatic indeed, patchouli. White musk. Warm, Toscana; a bit resinous pine wood; woody eucalyptus; thick, cough syrup; rosemary also, and some faecal notes, too, but they are somewhat polished, clinical. Not floral really, a little bit of the prunol sourness. Desert smells like this, too; old hot sand. Some incense, too.

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