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“Peach Skin Dominatrix”


by Polge (1984)

Nose Polge was new at that time; this is a young show-off piece. Coco finished the trend that LAURENT: Opium (1977) and LAUDER: Cinnabar (1978) started. As one commenter said, a fruity floral oriental animalic chimera which comes in disarmingly saccharin sweet at first before turning the lights down and bringing out the leather straps.

Slightly floral, silken; very abstract but present, still. Is this blackcurrant leaf? A swath of opopanax. Fresh; it's fruity, peachy at first; and frangipani (tropical white flower) and cascarilla (coffee husks). Balsamic base (the flick of the whip). Floriental.

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