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“Too Young to be Sexy”

CACHAREL : Anaïs Anaïs

by Pellegrino (1978)

1980s reference smell; many have had it as their first smell. Work of four Firmenich perfumers. Antithesis to patchouli hippie scents and Charlie business women. Marketed at the young. However, inspite of all the clean marketing, it's actually quite musky.


Tender, romantic. Breezy, yet sweet. We're off to a terribly powdery start. Originally a lily soliflor (though there is no lily in it, it is recreated with other notes), supporting accord of honeysuckle, jasmine, rose; then some woods. It's quite heavy and dense; woody piss after a while, before that floral piss opening. Verbena; warm, powdery florals; lavender's powder without it's lavendery-ness, I think some rose, too. Some warmed balsa woods, orris.

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