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“Open Plan Office Carpet”

BEENE : Grey Flannel

by Fromentin (1975)

A time when orientals and citrus were phased out for heavier fougères; this is in contrast to that development, being not dark and musky; but a floral chypre / fougère for men. Inspired DIOR: Fahrenheit (1988).


Brutally sharp floral start, I think lily of the valley and washing powder, but it's actually violet. Very fresh, white, breezy; a white orchid. White roses. Lemon grass maybe; a clean lavender. Gardenia? Some green notes, but they are not sharp, but powdery. Smell of snow? Powdered sugar? Later I detect some cut notes, too, but these too, are white. Later alpine meadow and light leather also. General impression: Emasculated, complete lack of sensuality.

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